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The Photospheres are a captivating new art-form developed over the last 10 years in Wales. The artform was originally conceived in 2005 between Matt Wright & Chris George when the two began an artistic collaboration under the moniker WrightGeorge. Both Artists were studying at the University of Wales and experimenting with the potential of panoramic & spherical image capture and presentation and upon graduating began the development of the medium towards its current form.

Since 2008, Matt has been continuing the evolution of the artform alone, concentrating on the mediums unique attributes when the spheres are placed back at their individual points of conception. Site specific installations have been undertaken in locations as diverse as the top of an abandoned Blast Furnace in Northern Spain, pre & post demolition steel landscapes in Newport, windswept slot canyons in Utah, high mountain plateaus in Colorado & within historically relevant buildings in Los Alamos, New Mexico.


Matt Wright

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Is a visual artist who explores lens based techniques to question human visual perception. Since graduating with a degree in Photographic Art at the University of Wales he has undertaken creative commissions for companies such as P&O & HSBC and exhibited his work internationally.

Matt is passionate about using technology to engage audiences through shared immersive experiences and is intrigued by spaces in transition. His practice often concerns itself with exploring the boundaries between human perception & the technological constraints of the recorded image. He uses techniques such as timelapse, slow-motion, light painting or extended exposure to question our perception of time or to make the invisible visible and he uses High Dynamic Range or 360º/Gigapixel/Fulldome capture to extend past the restrictions of human perception, opening up colour information or fields of view previously unattainable and thus new to our visual language.

Past Exhibitions


March 19 – May 22 / RelicsNational Waterfront Museum


June 20 – August 23 / RelicsWales Millennium Centre

April 6 – April 7 / Site-Specific / Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire



October / Photospheres of the WestSanta Fe Complex, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. / Solo Show



October / Photospheres of the WestSanta Fe Complex, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. / Solo Show


October / Photospheres of the WestSanta Fe Complex, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. / Solo Show

Behind the Sphere